Newton City Hall

City Government

  • Currently the City Council is contemplating changes to the City Charter. I believe it is important that we maintain local representation throughout all of Newton.

  • I support Neighborhood Area Councils. Area Councilors are elected to represent the interest of a community. They also host a variety of local events.

Newton Development

Zoning Reform and Development

  • Developments should be of a reasonable scale, and be consistent with existing character and architecture.
  • I will make sure that the City’s Zoning Reform protects all residents, including current renters in Newton.
  • Make sure private developers give more back to Newton in community benefits.
  • More resident-led planning and less reliance on paid consultants.
  • Apartments set aside for seniors who want to downsize.
Tarik Lucas Supports Local Businesses in Newton

Fiscal Responsibility

  • I support increasing Newton’s commercial tax base to pay down Newton’s 1 billion dollar unfunded liabilities in pensions and retiree health care.

  • All city contracts must be put out to bid. No more no-bid contracts, such as the Washington Street consultant.

Echo Bridge Newton

The Environment

  • Open Space: we need to protect and add to Newton’s parks and green space for recreational and environmental reasons.

  • I support expanding on Newton’s plastic bag ordinance to further reduce waste and to promote leadership in sustainability.

  • I support an ordinance for new developments to require electric car charging stations, added bicycle parking and solar power.


  • Continue to support Newton’s strong school system and ensure the best education for all of our children.

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